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Help - Take a tour of the features

Take a tour of the features of Aristotle

The Aristotle Metadata Registry includes a number of guide tours to help you get the most out of your metadata, by helping you make use of all the features of your registry.

You can return to this page at any time to learn about the features of your registry and how to use them effectively!

Click any of the links below to take a tour of features of the registry

If the tours don't show up for you, make sure you have turned on tours in your profile.

  • My Dashboard - Use this tour to understand all of the features your dashboard, and learn how it helps you navigate the rest of the registry.
  • My Sandbox - Use this tour to learn about your private workspace in the registry and learn about how you can choose to share metadata with other users.
  • My Workgroups - Use this tour to learn about how you can work with your team in the registry.
  • Review Requests - This tour teaches you about Review Requests, how they help you interact with data goverance teams, and how you can use reviews to endorse metadata for publication.
  • Stewardship Organisations - Use this tour to learn about Stewardship Organisations help group metadata by business area, and how you can find and participate within these groups.
  • My profile - Learn how to customise and modified your profile, change your password see your recent activity, and more...
  • Administrator tools - As an admin, learn how to customise and configure your metadata registry.

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