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Using the superseding relationship

All 11179 concepts, such as Data Elements or Object Classes have the ability to indicate a formal relationship to other items which supersede

Always check relationships are valid
It is possible for an editor to create two items that each indicates they supersede the other, leading to a circular relationship.
While Aristotle is able to handle content created in this way without breaking, a situation like this would not be semantically correct.

Using the version attribute

Administered items can also be given a version marker. This can be a maximum of 20 characters long, with any form of number, letters and punctuation. An agency or registration authority should have clear rules around what make a "valid" version marker.

Versioning, superseding and standardisation go hand in hand.
Version markers should not replace superseding items and the standardisation process. Once an item has been made standard it should rarely need to be changed.
If a new version of an item is to be created, this can be achieved by creating a new item, with an updated version. Once the new item is standardised, these two items can then be semantically linked via the superseding option.

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